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When I heard Dr. Anthony Fauci — the champion of perennial lockdowns — tell Face the Nation Sunday morning that vaccinations protect one from catching or spreading the COVID-19 virus, I realized just how far our own politicians and health officials have gone.

Just a few days ago, the CDC south of the border also announced that masks are no longer required indoors for those who are fully vaccinated.

America is opening up.

But here in Canada, our leaders are still obsessed with surreal draconian lockdowns that have forced small business to stay shut for more than 260 days since the pandemic began 14 months ago and could, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), lead to one in five Ontario businesses going bankrupt.

The rules are selective and punitive — and make no sense.

We are not permitted to enjoy the nice weather on tennis courts or golf courses or even roam our parks. Children are going stir crazy not being able to enjoy our playgrounds or basketball courts.


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(Here I thought fresh air and exercise helped keep up one’s immunity and well-being.)

While concert and other venues are opening south of the border, we’ve seen signature events cancelled in Toronto for the second summer in a row.

Yet, it is quite OK for 5,000 pro-Palestine protesters to pack Nathan Phillips Square — many unmasked and situated very close together — as they did Saturday night. It is quite fine for encampments to thrive in our parks — and the tent dwellers permitted to roam wherever they wish — while ordinary citizens were banned (by fences and crime scene tape) from looking at cherry blossoms at High Park.

I can only imagine how little weary Canadians will listen on Victoria Day weekend if the weather is warm and sunny.

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Our politicians talk incessantly about the need to get vaccinated to stop the spread — on TV, on Twitter feeds, in news stories, and during press conferences.

But here I sit writing this column fully vaccinated with Moderna from Palm Beach County, considered a pariah because I had the gall to drive my wife and three dachshunds home from Florida last week.

You’d think our governments would be happy that two fewer people need to draw from the country’s limited supply of vaccine (limited because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau botched up the acquisition so badly, verging on criminally).

Yet, we’ve been punished by the powers-that-be — stuck in 14 days of quarantine during which we are forced to check in daily with a federal app about whether we are feverish (no, I don’t have a fever, I’ve been vaccinated, silly people).


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I have been called twice now and asked to respond to a series of recorded questions asking whether I’ve complied with the federal quarantine rules.

On Tuesday we’ll be forced to take our Day 8 Switch Health test, which will no doubt come back negative as the other two did (including the PCR test we took a week ago in South Carolina and which wasn’t even reviewed at the border).

We’ll go through this 14-day charade — as many others who’ve been vaccinated outside Canada have also done — only because federal government officials are quite happy to suck and blow, telling us to get vaccinated and the world will open up, but not accepting vaccination records from outside the country.

We’ll suffer hateful comments from the indoctrinated who have not travelled about being “self-centred” — as if travellers are the sole source of the dreaded pandemic.

Yet, Switch Health reported to me a few days ago that a mere 1% of travellers tested on Day 1 and on Day 8 at Pearson airport and land borders were COVID-positive.

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That’s not 1% a day. That’s 1% from Feb. 22 to May 12.

Perhaps it’s time to tell our disconnected politicians, who seem to be led by the nose by medical officers of health and polling, that enough is enough.


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