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Although working from home during lockdown, I still try to go to Tim Hortons on Simcoe St. for my coffee every morning. I am a guy in my 20s and worried about catching COVID because I see my grandmother on a regular basis so I always wear a mask and am really careful.  I am extremely resentful that homeless people are allowed to approach us, when not wearing masks inside or in front of the Tim Hortons. The young girls that work there are no match for them when they get loud and obnoxious because those of us in there do not have cash to give them. I have offered to buy them food or coffee but they want cash or nothing and will scream in my face and call me names because I do not have any to give them. This is wrong. In a pandemic I should not have anxiety every time I go for a coffee about being harassed at close range. I can fend for myself, although I am worried about COVID,  but my girlfriend is so afraid she will no longer go there on her own. That is wrong. They are making living downtown a bad experience. It makes trying to support local businesses very difficult.

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