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The per diem was $105 per night.

Kyle said once renovated, the building will house up to 73 women plus those who identify as transgender or non-binary. She cautioned that total will likely change when required social distancing measures are implemented.

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According to information provided by the city’s shelter, support and housing department, the work is being done in two phases. The first phase — at a cost of $1.68 million — was for elevator upgrades and additional electrical work.

The second — costing $4.4 million — focuses on renovations in the basement and to put on an addition in the rear. The city had always intended to install a kitchen in the basement.

If it does house 73 people, that equates to $219,178 per client just for capital costs.

The daily per diem, according to Kyle, has jumped to an average of $220 per client because of the increased response required to protect clients from COVID-19.

She said she couldn’t be more specific because costs at individual sites “remain fluid” and adjust as changes to the program provided and service enhancements are put in place.

Steven Levy (no relation), who lives in the Designer’s Walk neighbourhood, said it never made sense to him for the city to buy this small vacant Yorkville building for use as a shelter.

“Why did the city decide to spend upwards of $16 million on 70 beds given the expensive price of real estate in Yorkville?” he asked Monday.

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He added that the renovation is being done “without regard” for the impact on the residences around it.

Levy complained there is endless noise from jackhammers, yelling workers, sandblasters with no containment of polluting dust, and a general disregard for the concerns of homeowners.

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