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“We felt there is nothing to be ashamed of here,” the affable, clearly caring mom of two said recently during a FaceTime interview. “Here it is and let’s get on with it.”

And so came her self-published book, A Few Words About Mental Health,a compilation of words that reflect the family’s experiences from the moment Jacqueline was diagnosed.

Viner said she’s not a mental health professional but she can write and felt a need to use her talents to put out the lessons the family has learned to “help others.

“I did it because this is what eradicates the stigma,” she said.

A Few Words About Mental Health, written by Michele Viner. Photo by Amazon

Viner and her book will be the subject of a virtual fundraiser on Jan. 12 for the Reena Foundation (I sit on the board) called “One Word at a Time.” The fundraiser is being moderated by Dr. Marla Shapiro.

Viner said the compact 61-page book was written last year, although she had it in her head for a long time.

As she became more open about her daughter, she said she found herself getting lots of phone calls from other parents dealing with similar things with their children.

“I sat in Starbucks two or three times a week … that’s how much the need is out there,” Viner said.

As she sat with those parents, she said every conversation “ended up in the same place.”

People are concerned, frightened and all the words in her book “came as a result of those conversations,” she said.

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